Followers, I need help!!

I am trying to decide on a Sif costume to go with Toki’s super-realistic Lady Loki she’s planning for next Dragon*Con (yes, we plan this early because we are either totally lame or totally AWESOME, I believe it’s the latter). 

I am aiming to make it less cartoony/comic-esque, and more realistic, with textured fabrics, lots of details, some leather-work, and more metallic paint-jobs (for example, I’d probably end up painting the headpiece a pearlescent white or very whitish silver rather than straight white). 

The above costumes are the ones I am trying to decide between. I honestly love them all and I have no idea which one I want to do. It may come down to which I can better create with the skills I currently possess, but I’d like to get others’ opinions as well. Which do you like best, which do you think would look best next to a Lady Loki cosplay, which do you think could be made to look most realistic, etc.

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