HEY EVERYBODY, I’M HEADED OUT TO DRAGON CON IN A FEW HOURS!!!!! I’m gonna be crazy busy and all over the place, but message me if you want to try to meet up!!

Some of you are going for the first time this year. I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE!! This is my favorite weekend of the year and I hope everyone adores it as much as I do. 

If you aren’t going, consider it for next year!!! It’s a really incredible con, unlike any other I’ve been to, and better than any I’ve been to, in my humble opinion (and I’ve been to over 60 conventions, including SDCC and NYCC and most of the big anime ones). 

Just real quick, my cosplay schedule:

FRIDAY - Twin Peaks/Audrey in morning, Guardians of the Galaxy/Moondragon in afternoon (we will be in the Sheraton for photoshoots for a few hours, and then wandering!), Carol Corps casual outfit for the evening party

SATURDAY - Greek mythology/Hecate for parade, GotG/Moondragon again for James Gunn’s signing at 2pm and his panel if we can make it to both, Inhumans/Crystal in evening, hopefully House of M/Polaris for the Avengers Ball later 

SUNDAY - Twin Peaks/Audrey in morning, Crystal for Marvel shoot in afternoon if I’m not feeling exhausted, Hecate shoot at 9pm, and Archer (Cheryl) for the rest of the night! 

MONDAY - I may or may not throw on Crystal again. Going to some comics panels and then doing homework LOLOL. If you’re staying over on Monday, COME GET DINNER WITH ME!!!! <3

TUESDAY - Flying back to Cleveland early afternoon



My cosplay schedule, in a nutshell!! Come find me :D


Have since sewn on the other thigh thingie, sooooo CRYSTAL IS FINITO!!! Can’t wait to put it all together with the amazing wig that jadeb0t is styling for me :D I went with a mix of retro and modern elements of her design. The wig and the thigh pieces are retro and super cartoonish, but the rest is more modern and sleek. 
For reference:


Have since sewn on the other thigh thingie, sooooo CRYSTAL IS FINITO!!! Can’t wait to put it all together with the amazing wig that jadeb0t is styling for me :D I went with a mix of retro and modern elements of her design. The wig and the thigh pieces are retro and super cartoonish, but the rest is more modern and sleek. 


For reference:



Some Dragon Con costume progress! There’s kind of still a lot to do for this Hecate costume for my annual Greek Mythology group, but the basics are all done. Can you believe that is just a single piece of fabric, with no sewing (except for the trim near the top)? It’s draped in the traditional Doric chiton style, and it’s terribly easy.

I had a ton of fun sponging on random designs along the bottom edge. It took up most of the floor space in my apartment :) Still not sure what I’ll use the beads for, but will probably have a bunch of stuff dangling at my waist, along with a ring of keys (Hecate is goddess of entry ways, among other things). Hecate also traditionally has three faces or three heads, so I have plans to do a weird thing with a veil and painted eyes…we’ll see how that turns out. Also working on a big spiked crown, and I may or may not have a big torch??


(if you are looking for a last minute costume for Dragon Con, why not sign up with our Greek Mythology group? Greek draping is super easy, you don’t have to sew a thing! Everyone is friendly and willing to help, and there are always lot of character openings~)

"I found my wig cap"

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Dragon Con 2014

Long time no see! I’ve been very busy with grad school and haven’t had any chance for new cosplay, but I’m hoping to get a few new costumes done by the end of the summer for Dragon Con :) Here is my current line-up, though I don’t know the schedule yet.


Crystal (Marvel’s Inhumans)

Cheryl Tunt ( Archer)


Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)


Captain Marvel


Hera (maybe)


Katya Kazanova (Archer)


Those last two likely won’t be done for Dragon Con, but I’m currently working on them, so they will be done sooner rather than later, I hope! :)

Who else is going to Dragon Con??


Guardians of the Galaxy at Dragon Con 2013

Moondragon - Me (don’t worry, it’s only a bald cap!)

Quasar - Lin

Photography - ALL HAIL LIONEL


Lin talked me into being her interplanetary warrior girlfriend shortly after I read some of the 2008 Guardians comics. I was like, “Sure, why not, this’ll be fun!” (mostly in reference to figuring out the bald-ness).

I’m really happy with how it turned out, even if it’s a tad bit unfinished, and even if I spent the first week of graduate school having nightly panic attacks trying to finish the costume and do all of my school stuff at the same time.

But yeah, it turned out great, I now know how to apply bald caps, we got SUPER AMAZING photos, we were part of a huge Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay group, and everyone loved us! We got so much more attention than I ever expected. Turns out there are more Quasar and Moondragon fans out there than I thought :D

(the Pieta photo is my favorite!)


Hello my lovely Tumblr Family! I’ve reached 1000 followers by my birthday! As such, I’ll be doing another giveaway!

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Winner Details:

- Ask box MUST be open, and you have to be willing to give your address. I’m not a creeper, I promise ;)

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One stipulation: this post has to reach 1000 notes! Happy blogging, and good luck!!!

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New Facebook page!!

Hi guys, I am working on transferring all the stuff I had on a separate FB account onto a page instead, to make it easier for me to keep it updated.


Please go and “like” it!!

Thanks <3





Cosplay: the Musical

featuring such hits as:

  • It Fucking Bunched?!
  • I Could Have Sworn I Left my Scissors Here…
  • I’m Out of Hairspray?
  • The Wig Was Supposed to be Here 2 Days Ago (And the Con is Tomorrow)


  • It’s a 3-Day Convention and I’m Taking Seven Cosplays

Also including

  • This Should Have Taken 15 Minutes
  • Screw It, I’ll Resort to Safety Pins and Hot Glue ( If I Have To )
  • I Haven’t Slept in 5 Days

With a showstopping ending performance of

  • My Reference Folder is So Big ( It Would Take Me 4 Lifetimes to Make All the Costumes I Have Planned )

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Totale Finsternis: Marvel-inspired flapper/20s style dresses!! Who's interested?



I came up with the awesome idea of doing a “cosplay” group of Marvel flapper dresses for some up-coming convention. I say “cosplay” because, really, the dresses could be worn on their own, too :) But it’d be super fun to have a group of themed dresses to wear out in the evening at Dragon*Con or NYCC or wherever (also, we should wear them at our local Ohio Comic Con!). 

I have tons of ideas for a Loki-inspired flapper outfit, so I’m calling him, but is anyone else interested in doing other characters???

The basics of flapper outfits can typically include:

  • simple sleeveless knee-length dress
  • some fringe or other detailing/adornments on the dress
  • long strands of pearls or necklaces
  • a boa or shawl (draped across arms)
  • decorated headbands/scarves with feathers
  • various accessories

The dress forms are SUPER simple and easy to make or thrift. The fun will be in the accessorizing and detailing, and trying to fit the elements to the chosen character inspiration, using color schemes and such :)

I suggest searching Google Images for “vintage flapper dress” for ideas! 

If anyone is interested, let me know which character you’d want to do (anyone from the entire Marvel Universe works!), and at which con you could possibly wear it~

(I’ve claimed Loki, andNellis considering either Spidey or Iron Man, so those are on hold~)

ok i know a lot of people going to d*c. CAN YOU PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME? let me live through you~